Time doesn't exist here. What is up and where is down? Floating endlessly and aimlessly. They say true nothingness is bliss, but who could fathom this?

Lost in your own head. Left alone to your thoughts. Discover yourself to find the key to the next door.


Door No.2: The Dark Passenger

Something happened. The path to self-enlightenment was abruptly halted. Something has latched onto you. Something dark. You must face your demons or else there's no way out. Find door Number 3. Whatever you do, don't lose your head.


Door No.3: The revelation

You are the dark passenger. The one thing that holds you back? Self-deprecation. Self harm of your mental self. Change what's within to construct a redefined outer shell. Step through door number four.


Door No.4: The Fostering

Self-realization has brought you here. You may have lost your head, but the mind is still intact. You construct your own fate. It is up to you to move forward. Don't fear what's beyond the next door.


Door No.5: Ascension

You never thought you'd make it here. You rose above your former self. This person is not a newer you, but whom you had the potential to be. Who you always were. Life has many doors. It's up to you to open them.